Frequently Asked Questions (F&Qs)

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Question: If I have received a Defective / Damaged product, then what should I do?
Answer: No need to panic, you are protected by 1-month warranty, test the product thoroughly & if your product is Defective / Damaged, then return it to us. Along with the required details, we will issue refund or replacement.


Question: I do not have a GST number, can I still purchase the product?
Answer: Yes you can, we will not need this information for making the purchase.


Question: Can I get the Tax Invoice for the product?
Answer: Yes, All products will be shipped with Tax Invoice inside the package. You can claim the amount from your department or company, you can also use this for calculation of Input Tax.


Question: What happens if one of the products that I ordered is out of stock?
Answer: You may call on +91 9575712345 & speak to our representative so that we can confirm when your product will become available or not.


Question: Do you ship orders outside of India?
Answer: Currently, we do not ship to addresses outside of India.


Question: How are items packaged?
Answer: All items are carefully packaged by us to avoid any form of damage.


Question: What are the different modes of payment?
Answer: Laptop True Value offers you multiple payment methods like

▪ Credit Card & Debit Card (Of all leading banks)
▪ Net Banking
▪ Online Transfer (NEFT, RTGS)
▪ Paytm etc.
▪ Cash on Delivery


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